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Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by StarShot, Sep 12, 2018.

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    Mar 31, 2014
    Just recently I've been unable to schedule appointments with my Calendar app on my 6S. Software up-to-date, iOS 11.4.1. Don't know when this became a problem.

    Now when I try to schedule an appointment, I'm able to load all the needed data when I hit the + button, name, time, alert, but when I hit the "add", the screen go back to showing the whole month, but my appointment ISN'T there.

    Another strange thing in the appointment setup is that it only shows one alert option whereas before, it always showed 2 alert options. As a test, I just entered an appointment on my wife's iP8 and the appointment did show up.

    I'm thinking maybe I changed something in Calendar that caused this malfunction. Would sure like to get it back as it's my DAY TIMER.

    Any ideas as to why my Calendar app doesn't work correctly?
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    Jan 7, 2018
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    In Settings > Calendar is your default calendar the iOS one? I had something similar where my contacts were set to sync to the Google account so new contacts never showed up elsewhere.
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    Not sure what GM is? Google Mail? I think iOS 12 is coming out next week.
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    In setting, my default Calendar is "Calendar". No problem that I know of re contacts. I just can't enter or keep a scheduled appointmen in the Calendar App. The problem is on my backup 6S. Maybe Calendar doesn't support it on a 6S.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that my coming XS doesn't have this problem as I depend on the App to keep my appointments.
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    If I understand your post and your sig, you have 2 iPhones: 6S and X. The issue you're having is when you create a Calendar appt on your "backup 6S" it isn't registering on that device, and presumably others.

    In all likelihood, this is a local config problem. I use Calendar multiple times each day on my 6S, and it syncs across several Mac systems.

    In Settings-Calendar on the 6S, is the default calendar set the same (typically "Calendar" but could be others). Is iCloud properly logged in? Have you tried restarting the 6S? When you're creating an appointment, is the Calendar setting near the bottom of that screen set to the same one you're looking at?
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    Bad advice. The OP has a problem with his calendar app and you suggest he update to a beta version of iOS. Sure, it's probably the same as what will be pushed out on the official iOS 12 release, but he still has to go through hoops to install it.

    Here's my advice to the OP as long as he's using iCloud.

    1. Go to Settings>Accounts & Passwords>iCloud.
    2. Turn off Calendars. I think there's a dialog box saying that all of your calendar events will be removed, but they're safe in iCloud.
    3. Turn Calendars back on.
    4. It'll take a few minutes for your Calendar to fully load.
    5. Check to see if your problem is solved.
    6. At some point, restart your phone. (maybe do that first and then check to see if the restart jogged something back into place which fixed the problem)

    If that doesn't work, then maybe log out of iCloud and then log back in. It's kinda a pain in the ass, but that might help. Make sure you if you have 2FA (which I think is a requirement anyway) that you have the secondary trusted device available to receive the code (as in, don't do this at work if your secondary device is the iPad sitting on your kitchen table - ask me how I know this.)
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    Mar 31, 2014
    SUCCESS! All it really took was step 1 above. Calendars was turned OFF. Step 3 flipped it back on and I'm back in business. Have no idea as to why it was off. I sold my X about a week ago and pulled the 6S out of the drawer to us until my XS arrives on the 21st.

    Sometimes the hardest tasks are actually the easiest IF you know how.

    Thanks for the pointer...

    1st item to put in calendar, 11:55 PM on the 13th, preorder the new XS!

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