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Jun 22, 2022
Hello everyone, apologies if this questions has already been asked. I've just upgraded from an iphone 7 to an iphone 13, I brought the phone outright so just swapped sims over. All seems to be ok until I came to click on one of my apps, I got the message 'Unable to install Spotify please try again later', this happened with approximately 75% of the apps that had transferred over from my old phone to the new, a few worked but with the majority I got the message 'unable to install....'. I've googled the error and followed all the suggestions but nothing has worked, the main suggestions was logging out and back in of the App store which I have done many times. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? I did try uninstalling and reinstalling an app which worked but obviously I had to go through all the bumf that you have to complete and a lot of the apps are banking and credit cards which I don't really want to have to install all over again plus you are talking at about 50 apps to uninstall and reinstall. Just to end on that I am an older iphone user so not all that tech savvy so please keep replies simple ha. Thanks for reading this.

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
Normally apps are updating this way:

1. Open App Store app on iPhone
2. Tap on top right icon which usually has a red badge on it with a number in it
3. Scroll down a little then click “update all” there’s that red badge to the right of it with a number showing how many apps can be updated.

If the App Store is busy sometimes stuff takes a long time to download.

That’s how it’s normally done. If it’s not working, try again the next day. Also use Wi-Fi if it’s available.
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