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Unable to show shared folders of Synology NAS


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Dec 19, 2009

Catalina 10.15.5

I'm completely stuck with this problem.

The Finder shows under Locations > Network my LAN servers. I have a Synology NAS, which shows up. However I cannot see the shared folders of that NAS. "Connect As..." doesn't do anything.

When I go to the Finder menu Go > Connect to Server... > smb://mysynonas (or IP, doesn't change anything) > provide credentials of NAS user, I get the list of available remote shared folders. I can select one, which will then be mounted. Same for afp: protocol - doesn't work.

Like this, I have a single mounted remote shared folder, but I'm unable to see all shared folders available on that NAS directly, without going through the mounted folder procedure for every individual shared folder.

In other words ... I can mount the shared folders, but I cannot make MacOS show a list of all shared folders which I can then use as previously entered user's permissions would allow me to.

Synology FAQ pages show this however.

I also have an Ubuntu server inside the LAN which does show all shared folders.

BTW ... a PC (Windows 10) inside the LAN shows the NAS's shared folders within Network.

What is wrong here?

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