Unacceptable lack of compatibility between NWN2 and NVIDIA 8800

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by 50548, Aug 13, 2008.

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    My message just sent to Aspyr...after buying CoD2 and NWN2, what I see is a dismal level of support for widely popular machines such as the 24" iMac with NVIDIA 8800; and then people still wonder why some Mac gaming companies struggle to be in business, notwithstanding our continuous financial support...


    I am writing to express my disappointment as regards the total lack of compatibility of NWN2 with Apple's higher-end flagship desktops, notably the new iMacs with the NVidia 8800GS GPU.

    Notwithstanding the fact that Aspyr publishes the minimum requirements in terms of current offerings, it's bewildering that a NEW game port such as NWN2 simply DOES NOT RUN on brand new iMacs with the NVIDIA 8800 GPU option, which constitutes probably the main reason behind the purchase of such higher-end models for hundreds of THOUSANDS of customers around the world.

    Having spent almost CHF 100 (or roughly USD 95) for NWN2 in Switzerland, I find myself now with a useless DVD which does not even let me start the game. You might even argue that some GPUs would not receive technical support because they were not available at the time of porting...but yet it is unbelievable that a newer GPU, widely available in the Windows world and launched with new iMacs in early 2008, does NOT work with a brand new port such as NWN2 for the Mac.

    The support of faithful Mac users is the main reason behind the existence of companies such as Aspyr, and we do NOT wish to use emulation or buy Windows games on Boot Camp. But it is EXTREMELY difficult to continue spending a non-negligible amount of money in your products if you are unable to provide compatibility for EVEN this VERY limited number of current Mac models and GPUs as offered by Apple. Your task is much simpler than providing support for dozens of GPUs in the Windows world. In fact, not even Intel GMA chips are supported in your games, so the Aspyr support needs are even lower than would normally be necessary for Apple's computers.

    Therefore, I sincerely look forward to receiving a positive explanation for this, including an estimate for a patch that will rectify this situation as soon as possible.

    Otherwise, I regret to say that I will have to stop supporting Aspyr or buying their products, considering not only the problem with NWN2, but also similar GPU issues with Call of Duty 2, which is almost unplayable on this same new iMac (whereas, ironically, the OLDER Call of Duty runs perfectly well on the same machine)."

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