Under £100 digital camera?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by sarah3585, Nov 25, 2007.

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    Aug 12, 2007
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    Sarah3585 (or can I call you 3585 for short?)

    I have recently bought the Fuji Z10FD from Dabs.
    Its a miniscule multi-mode stylish camera which has now come down from its original £129 to £100 or less. Its 7.2mp and the thing is it also has a Auction Mode .. for eBaying .. and a BLOG mode an' all. Depends what you want.

    They come in about seven trendy colours but I opted for plain black because I am not trendy, young or to be found in nightclubs(!)

    Boots also do the Fuji F480 .. another nice slim lightweight camera with an extending lens. THis is also about £99 but if you wait til they do their -1000 Advantage points for £50 days now and then .. so you can get about £20 back in points to spend easily.

    Subscribe to www.hotukdeals.co.uk

    Here .. people daily enter their own great deals .. not just cameras and you can search for camera deals there too .. but I am happy now with the Z10FD .. with face detection,, intelligent flash etc ..

    AND have you ever thought of this, missy! Buy a Sony K800i camera on PAYG. This has a true Cybershot 3.2mp camera built in. It also has Bluetooth yeah?. Nice. Now then .. you could then take proper piccies with it. Take it home. Link up to the Mac Bluetoothywise and erm .. BLuteooth all yer pictures over to the computer .. wirelessly an' that! Not many realise that this is another cheap option...AND you can use it as a phone too!.
    The K950i also has a 5 mp camera but you'd best get that on contract for free.

    Hope this is of some help ...

    Cheers the noo

    Bruce McBonus
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    I have a canon A95 that i really like. It is a little bigger then most but it takes other lenses and is about as close as you can come to a DSLR without actually buying a DSLR.

    I used this site to do all my research before i actually bought anything.

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