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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bearcatrp, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Is there a way to stop using iCloud without loosing the data (contacts and calander)? Wife let sprint store activate it but prefer to do my own backup on my mini instead. Looked through apples web site for info but found nothing. From what I can tell, from reading the warnings when attempting to turn iCloud off, all data is lost. Won't let me back up to mini to save the data either. Appreciate any assistance. Thanks. It's a 4S iPhone.
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    Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac. Let it sync. On the summary tab go all the way down till you see an option that says "Backup on Mac or Backup on iCloud". Select "Backup on Mac". And there you go. You can back your data up on the Mac nd you can now delete or turn off all the options in iCloud from your phone.
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    I was going to come in here and suggest the same thing. Your data should remain intact by doing this.
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    On Windows machine, you can no longer switch to local backup by clicking the button in iTunes. You have to make the switch on the iPhone, and then sync to iTunes, where your new choice will be indicated by the radio button.

    At least that's my experience ever since a recent iTunes update.


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