Undocumented Foreign National IDs backfire in an unexpected way.

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    Nov 5, 2009
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    The article says that the applicable law is based on the 911 Commission reccomendations regarding source documents for IDs. The States in question are not in compliance with Federal Law. So you choose to accuse the Federal government of screwing up? I'd blame the States. This is a very clear example of why consistencey of federal laws are required. Can you imagine if 50 States had varying standards for boarding an airplane?
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    Nov 5, 2009
    I accuse the fed and the states, pretty much the whole bureaucracy that makes up our body of elected leaders. The states were the ones wanting UFNs to get identification, backed up the fed. The states that are in compliance with REAL ID issue licenses that contain wording or symbols marking that the ID cannot be used for federal identification.

    According to the NAACP, if they have ID cards with a letterhead stating that they cannot be used for federal identification then they are just as likely to not get an ID card because it is racist; like marking them with the scarlet letter.

    If the federal government wants federal ID then it should issue a standard federal card... pretty much a passport or something like nexus or global entry.

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