Unfair Twitter account issues "trademark complaint"

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by carterx, Jan 16, 2013.

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    So today I got an email from Twitter saying that my account was reported for violating a trademark. I've used my Twitter account since it was created a few years back without issues. This said this is my second Twitter account. My current account is "@mactechca". When Twitter first came out I had the account "@MacTech" which I used but once Twitter started to take off in social media then Twitter deleted my entire account to give it to MacTech.com. I was not given the choice to change my name or anything then. My account was just deleted without notice. I made a complaint about this but could do nothing because I'm only one person and who listens to one person. I then just created the new account "@mactechca" and today now being told I have to change it.

    I except that they have a trademark but how many twitter accounts are there out there that have the name apple, microsoft, etc. or any other common names in it and have no issues.This just seems to be a company picking on someone because they can. "@mactech" has less twitter posts and clearly does not use their twitter account as much a me and yet I'm the one being taken down.

    I've dealt with the fact that MacTech.com had twitter take away my original twitter account "@mactech" away from me but now years later it's going farther.

    I've been at an Apple Session/Conference this week and I've been posting pictures and comments so I'm guessing they do not like me making comments and using an account that refers to myself.

    This totally seems unfair!!!

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