University of Georgia - Prof. Watson's Stress Reduction Policy (Note: Removed now!)

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    Before we get to the fun part, the university basically told the Prof that it's not acceptable, so the prof removed it. Thankfully, it's on the internet so we can behold this man's "ingenious" idea in and of itself.

    Link to archived syllabus:

    Some news sources:

    I came across this through Phillip DeFranco:

    I agree that stress is dangerous for our health, but this is not the way to reduce stress. Try a hobby, going for a walk / doing some exercise, listening to classical music (or whatever type of music that let's you relax), massages, meditation, etc.
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    I think this was supposed to be a joke, but a serious one where he's basically telling you you will get out what you put into the class. One of my professors always started the class of by suggesting if anyone didn't want to be here there were dollar wells across the street.
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    The professor is brilliant. The satiric commentary is priceless. Shame the commentator just plain doesn't get it.
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    *OP looks around wondering what that whooshing sound near his head is*
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    Yep, that went straight over my head. Now that I look back at it, it's definitely ingenious as mentioned in the OP, just not with the quotes.

    Now that I think back, my organic chemistry professor was the only one who scared the sh*t out of us day 1 for both the regular course lecture as well as the lab lecture. He also angrily reminded us how stupid we were when he saw low average yields on labs, or low scores on midterms, etc. because it would be impossible to get jobs since this is what will be asked during interviews. To date, he is the best professor I have ever had, learned a sh*t ton from him - both in OChem and life,
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