Unlimited Data Plan added 6/17/11... aka its still available

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ivandr, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. ivandr, Jun 20, 2011
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    Just wanted to share my experience with ATT and acquiring an unlimited data plan. I know there are some work-arounds but I'm just here sharing what worked for me in this particular situation. In the last 3 months 2 lines have been switched into new unlimited iPhone data plans with the official 'blessing' of our ATT rep... (one was a line that had been used overseas for about 6 months and returned to switch from a Bberry to a global unlocked phone and the other was US based on Bberry and added unlimited iPhone data this weekend).

    FIRST - The facts:
    This probably won't work for everyone, so I'm going to describe a bit about our plan and situation so that if you have something similar you might be able to try and activate through the same means.
    1. These phone lines are tied to an ATT enterprise account (when we call 611 or go in for service we are handled by business care reps)
    2. Our total account bill covers 5+ years of history, constantly paid on-time and no early cancellations or excessive # of replacement phones on the account (we are very good customers to them).
    3. Given the amount of international travel and use many of these lines undergo we routinely run bills as high as $600-$1000 on some months (we generate good revenue for ATT).
    4. Both of these lines added unlimited iPhone plans (one in May one in June) but had EXISTING unlimited data plans for blackberry for 1+ year each.

    This being said, one user recently acquired a new iPhone 4 and wanted to replace the Bberry that had been used on his line. For the second time now, we were able to call into ATT customer service and after talking to the first-line rep for about 10 mins I asked to be escalated to a supervisor. Once on the line to the supervisor I explained that it was a simple device switch and given our account history and continued (substantial) monthly use, would he be willing to transition to the iPhone unlimited instead of Bberry unlimited. After a 1 min short hold (and no hemming or hawing) he had it done and now we have 4 unlimited data plans for iphone (2 have previously been on unlimited since iPhone 2G and 3G days).

    I've attached a screenshot of my wireless account and if you look at the 2 highlighted footnotes you can see the most recent switch.

    Sooo I made this post in the hopes that if there are others out there currently running an unlimited blackberry plan or who have significant monthly usage (particularly in ATT business setups) that it is possible to transition towards an unlimited iPhone plan still... sorry if people have shown this route to work before I just wanted to offer my experience in the hope that it helps others seeking out unlimited data...

    Account Screenshot
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    Congratulations on your UL data but this is going to help a very, very small percentage of people. Glad you were able to do it though. :)
  4. ivandr thread starter macrumors regular

    Jul 1, 2010
    Yeah I know that its really only helpful to a small (and likely even smaller subset on this forum) percentage of customers... but it has worked 2 times now and so I figured sharing to help even one person make this switch is worth the 10 mins it took for me to post... if you're out there and this helps you I'm glad. If it doesn't impact you either way... fine - doesn't really make a difference to me :rolleyes:
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    There's never been any issue converting from an unlimited Blackberry plan to an unlimited iPhone plan. AT&T has let customers do that ever since they switched to tiered data. Anybody that had unlimited is "grandfathered" in, even if they switch devices. Not sure why you thought otherwise.
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    +1. That has been what I've been told by csr's as well.
  7. ivandr thread starter macrumors regular

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    Ok I must have missed that, I thought only previous iPhone unlimited was grandfathered, I didn't think that blackberry unlimited was eligible for a quick switch.

    Well on that note... no point in this thread anymore. Sorry ;)
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    Yeah i was trying to figure out the point of this thread. Doesn't matter what kind of smartphone unlimited data you have ... it just gets carried over
  9. Yansick macrumors newbie

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    I thought it was common knowledge that you could switch between unlimited data plans, no matter the device? If you have an unlimited data plan you'll keep it as long as you have a smartphone on the line in question.
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    Yep. If u know what we know it's easy to to talk to CSR. I just switch from iPhone unlimited to smartphone unlimited when I switched to an Atrix to be on the proper plan. Took 5 minutes.

    You need tomjust be on a "golden plan". Aka unlimited smartphone, iPhone, blackberry
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    Yes, it’s common knowledge.

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