Unlimited internet- All you can eat data- No fair use policy- no cap

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    Unlimited internet- All you can eat data- No fair use policy- no cap

    Only on Three network.

    All other networks are capping 500Mb, 1Gb or 2Gb...Three are giving Unlimited on their £35/month price plan called the One plan to any customer new or exisiting customers that can upgrade to it anytime...wow!

    So will you go on Three on your next contract?

    People say their customer service not good- rumours...try them..or ask someone that is actually on it for real..VOTED the best speed/coverage for IPHONE 4


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    3 mobile have decided that all their new smartphones using ‘the one plan’ will have ‘all you can eat data’. What 3 mean buy this is they have opened up their network to give peace of mind to their customes that are worried about getting charged for going over their data! We think this is simply fantastic and a ground breaking event for the UK mobile world.
    All you can eat data plans may be an unusual way to describe the offer, however, we all instantly know what this means! I am sure this tariff is going to be of interest to anyone looking smartphone deals, the peace of mind from this tariff is simply incredible! Lets take a look at the all you can eat data plan in more detail.
    Whats Included in The 3 All You Can Eat Data Plan.

    Well the plan will still be known as ‘the one plan’! You get a massive 2000 anytime any network or landlines (UK) minutes. 5000 Minutes to other 3 users. Plus more in their unlimited texts than the other networks! not being content with giving you ‘more’ for your money, 3 are now making their tariffs more clearer and understandable. Three’s Unlimited Texts is marked as 5000 texts, other networks offer you unlimited texts capped at 3000. And just as you think wow what a deal! Three have decided that the fantastic 1GB data on the one plan is not enough so the decission was taken to open up the network and let their users ‘fiddle around’ online from their phone at no extra cost! Now that really is unlimited!
    Three has come a long way, at the start they had phones like bricks that no one wanted and to many people they where the but of all joke’s. But three had a focus and now take a look as we come into 2011, three are the master class and the leader of the crowed when it comes to Value!! Three has the latest and best range of smartphones, incluing both iphones, the iphone 4 and 3GS! Three is now a multi award winning Network for their mobile phones and mobile broadband dongles coverage. It is fair to say we now have a new diamond in the crown. With diamonds they call it the 4 c’s of quality, this new Diamond of a contract is for the people from 3. If they rate diamond with ‘C’s’ I fell as it is 3 they have shown 3 c’s their own. Commitment, coverage and connection!
    Three are now the incrowd and the others will have no opton but to follow! Check out our 3 phone deals today on our main mobile phone deal website for the latest tariffs and deals!
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    5000 =/= unlimited
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    no i don't work for them....

    but if theirs something really good..like an good offer..you want to tell others..

    offer started on....Dec 15th 2010 for the unlimited data.

    Just wondering will they continue this when Iphone 5 is released.

    Would be an excellent contract to get...most likely they will up the price for the up front fee.
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    The article says 25 not 35, still way cheaper than here in the US!:mad:

    "Now users of its One Plan tariff can get 2,000 any-network voice minutes, 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes, 5,000 texts and any amount of data for £25 a month"
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    Explained by By Marc Allera the Director Sales 3UK.


    He says "

    So how is this going to work?

    Well, All-you-can-eat Data on The One Plan kicks in now. It’s for new customers, upgrading customers, and customers that are part way through their contracts.

    We’re taking a bold move and bucking the trend in an industry that seems to be scaling back, not giving more. We’ve invested heavily in our 3G network to make sure it’s in the best position possible to be able to support you in this new world; to make sure that we’re not only giving you quantity when it comes to data, but quality too.

    We want to give you complete peace of mind when you’re using data on your phone. And if you’re in the camp that is so scared of ‘bill shock’ that you avoid data altogether, hopefully this will give you the reassurance to give it a try."

    Thats the Sim only deal for £25/month.

    With the Iphone 4 its £35/ month

    £1 = $1.5 (approximately)

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