Unlocked Iphone: Restore on Itunes or set up as new phone?

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    Mar 10, 2011
    I previously had synced my Iphone with Itunes but then moved overseas so had it unlocked and have not synced with Itunes except to transfer music and back up photos. My Iphone crashed one night, and I got it fixed the next day with some software being reloaded but keeping it unlocked. Lost all pics, music, and contacts (but no big deal as had all that stored on computer, contacts in Excel file as well). Now when I connect phone to charge with USB on computer, Itunes opens and says it recognizes phone, and would I like to RESTORE the phone (I presume using previously saved data, contacts and such) or set it up as a NEW phone. If I restore, will it relock my phone? If I set up as new, is there any limit on how many Iphones you can have on Itunes? Will it make me update my Iphone software (which I know to never do to keep it unlocked)? I don't have to do either, but it would be nice to have some music on my Iphone again-- but I would never sacrifice the unlock for a few tunes! Please advise...
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    No, it wont lock it again.
    It just asks if you want to setup as new or restore from backup that's all.
    Just make sure you dont update it or restore it to official firmware if it asks or your JB and unlock will be gone.
    You can setup as new, all your stuff will still stay unchanged on the iphone.
    Then you'd be able to sync stuff thru itunes back and forth.
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