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Discussion in 'Games' started by matthews1492, May 29, 2005.

  1. matthews1492 macrumors member

    May 19, 2005
    hey quick question

    i just got a new imacg5 and unrealtournament 2004. when i play on the network it sometimes downloads content when joining a server. im a little wary of this. does it save it somewhere on the harddrive, if so where can i delete it? has anyone else had any problems with it?


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    Feb 14, 2003
    All it's doing is downloading custom skins or maps players are using, and it doesn't save it, it simply caches it.

    You're fine, you don't need to delete anything.
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    May 19, 2005
    oh thankyou then

    is there any official things worth downloading? i think i have version 3355 which is the newest, but isee on the pages there is map packs to get. any recommendations?
  4. nichos macrumors 6502


    Jul 17, 2004
    Jacksonville, Fl
    YES! Well, it may not be a patch, but it's a mod, Red Orchestra It's a whole mod for unreal - totally different game an no addition cost:) Unreal held a mod contest and Red Orchistra won - really amazing! Check out the mod link for other mods. The 1st link has screen shots and videos, etc. Have fun!
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    Feb 23, 2005
    toronto canada
    while on the subject of UT2K4, i came3 accross some kind of halo patch/update to UT that replaces weapons with halo equivale4nts.....i could never get it to work....anyone know wat i'm talking about? and any suggestions on how to get it to work, i downloaded it, it was a .rar file, i uncompressed it and i don't think i could get any farther than that
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    Feb 1, 2005
  7. nagromme macrumors G5


    May 2, 2002
    You're in for a treat

    I supposed I'd recommend CBP2 as a starting point for great maps.

    The BEST thing about UT2004 is that you can add to it for free! TONS and TONS of free stuff out there... weapons, vehicles, characters, maps, mutators that change the rules or add effects, and even new game types that don't even look like UT at all. Dive in--there's SO much great stuff out there I don't know where to begin.

    And don't be afraid: the stuff is all Mac-compatible, and it can't hurt your Mac to install it. You COULD mess up your UT installation by adding/replacing things, but just keep a backup of your UT app--and your UT 2004 stuff from Application Support (that's your prefs/settings)--and you're safe. I've never needed to restore a backup myself, though, and I've installed TONS of stuff. So the risk isn't much. Generally, a badly-installed add-on won't work, but won't hurt anything else either.

    There are two ways to install add-ons for UT:

    1. Let the servers send you the stuff you don't have installed. This is harmless because it goes in you UT 2004 Cache folder (found in App Support) and you'll never see it in any menu.

    But that means if you LIKE the map, or whatever, you can't play it on your own. You have to get it out of your cache first, and cache stuff has meaningless code-number filenames. Solution: Santaduck's UT2004 Toolpack does all kinds of useful things, one of which is to extract stuff from your cache so you can install it "for real" and play it on your own.

    If you don't do that, eventually (30 days? I forget the default) any file in your cache will expire and be deleted next time you run the game. Then you may have to re-download it. It's OK not to install the cached stuff if you don't mind that.

    There is ONE harm that cached stuff can do: if you have a lot of it, it wastes drive space until it gets deleted. It's OK to delete everything in you cache folder to free up space.

    I generally prefer, if I like something that's cached, to go find the latest version on the web myself anyway. Then I dump my cache to save space.

    2. Find stuff online and install it yourself. Just control-click/right-click your UT2004 application and Show Package Contents. You'll see all the folders, like Maps, Sounds, etc., where add-on files go. Don't be afraid to add stuff, future official patches (in my experience) still work fine every time. If you want, you can color-code the added files. And add-ons almost never replace standard files--they're just additional files.

    You can also create those same named folders in your App Support folder for UT 2004, and keep add-ons separate from the app. BUT some of them won't work that way, so I recommend against it. And if you have multiple users, the other users won't see the add-ons you've installed that way. (But it's a nice option if you want to install something for just one user, and let others play the game without it.) BTW, a general multi-user tip: if you put something in the app package, make sure permissions (Get Info on each file) are set so Others can Read (or Read/Write is OK). Some add-ons unzip with only the owner (you) being able to Read... and then other users can't use that add-on, and will have problems when they try.

    That leaves two questions:

    1. What files go in what folders? SantaDuck's Toolpack can help install stuff, but you may like to install manually like I do. Sometimes the readme doesn't say where. Here are the common file locations:

    * .ut2 > Maps

    * .utx > Textures

    * .usx > StaticMeshes

    * .ogg > Music

    * .uax > sounds

    * .ukx > Animations

    * .ka > KarmaData

    * .u, .ucl, .upl, and .int > System

    * Help, Readme, TXT, JPEG, and HTML files I just throw out, or keep someplace for reference. They aren't used in-game.

    Also: "Total conversion" mods--like Red Orchestra--often go in their own folder all together inside the UT 2004 package. No need to sort out the contents. (A total conversion means everything including the menus is custom--like having a whole new game. You need a UT "launcher" program to make them run--I recommend the universal launcher "UTModLauncher". Or you can download a launcher app for each individual mod--which gives you a custom splash screen but isn't worth the hassle, to me. Some mods include Mac launchers--but macologist.org is a good source for more.)

    Add-ons I highly recommend (in addition to the latest official patch, with the Editor's Choice stuff):

    * JailBreak (GREAT gametype where you have to let your teammates out of the "jail" if they gat fragged)
    * Classic Domination (much better than Double Domination)
    * Chaos Evolution (huge pack of new weapons and gametypes)
    * Unreal4Ever (still more weapons and gametypes)
    * Excessive Overkill
    * Arkon Weapons
    * UnWheel (driving games)
    * D*mnation (third-person single-player story game with an unsusual sci-fi western theme)
    * Metaball (marble-rolling puzzle game)
    * CarBall
    * AirBuccaneers (pirates in blimps!)
    * StarWars Troopers (pilot speeder bikes and scout walkers)
    * AlienSwarn (top-down squad-based shooter)
    * Droid2k4 (cool new player/bot with custom voices)
    * Zillions of maps! Start with the three Community Bonus Packs for UT2004: CBP1, and CBP2 vol1 and vol2.

    2. Where do you GET these add-ons?

    VERY good searching to zero in on the kinds of maps you like.

    Free registration required.

    (Detailed reviews/ratings, good Search. I recommend the JetStream mirrors. FileFront works, but you have to go through a couple screens first.)


    (Classics remade for 2k4! Some straight ports with the old look, but some total redos with full detail.)

    More remakes!

    (Carball maps.)

    When in doubt, search at Atari:

    Also, a great one-stop source for mutators:

    And some mods here:


    And Jailbreak:

    And Alien Swarm (top-down RPG/arcade gaming, in UT 3D!):

    (Eon looks REALLY cool--I played with it on Mac--but it's not done yet and I haven't tried the latest preview/demo:
    http://www.coronaleonis.com/eon/main.html )

    And BTW... unlock the "hidden" taunt sounds that come with the game:

    Last but not least I'll mention the Mac UT2004 (and other sci-fi games) clan I'm in--which welcomes peopel of all skill levels. Apple Corps: http://MacClan.net

    (Can you tell I'm a big UT2004 fan? Can't wait for UT2007... with Mac editing tools!)
  8. matthews1492 thread starter macrumors member

    May 19, 2005
    wow thanks for all the info! i cant wait to check it all out!
  9. Schmittroth macrumors regular


    Dec 6, 2003
    NYC, Astoria-Queens
    Wow, that is big. I've been trying to teach myself a little bit and Unreal is something I'd like to learn cosidering how much free content and code there is floating around out there.
  10. nagromme macrumors G5


    May 2, 2002
    You're welcome. I dug up an old post I made at Apple Corps :)

    Schmittroth--UE3 and UnrealEd 3 are going to be incredible. Everything I hear/see about UE3 has visions of UE3, UT2007, dual G6's and a 30" Cinema Display dancing in my head :) Sometime next year I'm likely to buy a new PowerMac, and UnrealEd on Mac is going to be a killer app from where I'm standing. I have yet to read about any future game engine that can touch UE3.

    But there's that learning curve thing... and my own impatience! Macs are my game platform of choice, but the weak spot for me is lack of editors.

    So believe it or not, I might build my own PC this summer to learn UnrealEd2 on, make some maps or whatever for fun, and be ready for UE3 on my next PowerMac. I'm THAT interested in game editing. And of course, another box for Folding@Home...

    I wouldn't trust mission-critical stuff to Windows--nor to a home-made PC that leaves the warranty to me! And I like my gaming to be portable. But my PowerBook handles all that just great... So a PC just for hobby purposes--at home-made prices--is fine. If it gives me trouble, it goes in the closet until I have time to think about it again. But I'll never use IE on it, never email of any kind, run a firewall, route the Internet through my Mac, and keep it offline most of the time. Fingers crossed that with UT as the only app, it will stay stable longer than my current PC did...

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