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Apr 9, 2001
The following is a list of conferences that Apple will be participating in during the coming months.

JavaOne SF - March 25-29

National School Board Association's Annual Conference - April 6-9

National Association of Broadcasters - April 6-11 - According to an anonymous tip - DVD Studio Pro OS X is rumored to be released during this event... which was demoed at DV Expo in December.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference - May 6-10. At WWDC this year, Apple is expected to release an early release of Java 1.4

MacWorld Expo New York 2002 - July 15-19

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001

After the disapointing announcements in Tokyo, is it too early to start speculating what's going to happen in July in NY?


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May 12, 2001
In wat respect were the announcements at tokyo dissapointing huh?? Umm Hello RTARD!! just like a few weeks ago, wasnt the i-mac (new one) an exciting revelation itself?? What do you expect apple to do. Innovate something new every day?

- gimp out:mad:


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Mar 23, 2002
How constructive is it to call someone an "RTARD"? If you were in the same room with the person who thought MWTY disappointing would you call them a retard? It never ceases to amaze me how rude and offended people get when they are in their cars or on discussion forums.


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Mar 25, 2002
So when's the move to the Enterprise?

I predict that sometime this year (probably late in the year) or possibly next, Apple will announce a big move on the Enterprise.

The tools they'd need to do this are:
  • OS X 10.5 (or something a little more mature like that)
  • BIG Servers (like the old Network Server, but with multiple G5s)
  • Small clients (like the original iMac... something very cheap for the average enterprise desktop; perhaps with no monitor)
  • A big enterprise-oriented expo to announce at.
  • Possibly some clone licensing or something. At least something that would allow for some flexibility between all the various uses for PCs in the enterprise
With tools like Darwin, Office X, .NET for OSX, WebObjects, and all the kajillion high-end NeXT-originated and Unix-ported tools available, OS X is so close to ready to make a big move on the Enterprise.

Right now, a lot of corporations are starting to get really pissed at Microsoft for their lame XP strategy. With something as robust as high-end Unix with stupendously-easy-to-use OS X interface on top of it (and with a powerful open-source version for their servers)... they really might consider deploying some Macs and seeing how it goes.

Is there any sign that Apple's getting ready for this? If so, where would be a good place for them to announce such a strategy?


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Feb 24, 2001
Re: mwny

Originally posted by dukestreet
After the disapointing announcements in Tokyo, is it too early to start speculating what's going to happen in July in NY?
Ah, I see. Because Apple didn't release a 3GHZ G5 at MWTY we should just all complain about it for the next 2 months.
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