Resolved [UPCOMING GAME] Have you ever played Hotwire game in life?

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    Hello friends,

    HOT WIRE is the new simple game that is coming from the creator of previous hit games (99 Challenges! & Watch Out!), the goal of the user is very simple: Light up as many bulb as possible, BUT is it that simple?

    This is a game that we’re strongly focusing one 3 criteria: challenging, easy to play, real hard to master.

    We believe that we have something really good for you side to consider of a feature because of its addiction among the simple idea.

    The game is set to launch in SEP-25!

    Here below are some common information of the game:


    Product Name – HOT WIRE

    Publisher Name – Pine Entertainment

    iTunes link:

    Languages Supported- English Only

    Target Live Date –Sep-25

    iOS Target Device - iPhone/iPod Touch

    Technology Supported - iOS 7 (specifically which features/APIs), Screen Capture, Facebook and Twitter Integration, Game Center.

    iOS Exclusive? - Yes (Only on iOS)

    Marketing Description –

    Have you ever played Hotwire game in life? It's NOW ready on your pocket device!!


    Comments - any other info – It’s really a great game among any other titles from Pine Entertainment. Every single person in the studio just can’t stop each time we start lighting the bulb. Please check it out!





    Youtube link:

    Thanks and Regards,
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    The game is released in US now. Enjoy it, my friends.

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