[UPCOMING GAME]My Puppy: Possibly the cutest game ever made in Pine Entertainment

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    Hello friends,

    How are you?

    My Puppy, a new concept which mixing dog pet & runner game is recently approved by Apple App Review Team. It’s currently set to release by Aug-28.

    Since this game is dedicate for girl, kid and people that loving pet very much, we have many special features that allow player to raise the puppy, take care of them, play with them in the garden, feed them, buy cute stuffs for them and even hanging out with them in the park (running modes), collecting bones to process further and buy more interesting things.

    Here below are some usual common information regarding My Puppy


    Product Name – My Puppy

    Publisher Name – Pine Entertainment

    Apple App ID - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-puppy/id888185006?l=vi&ls=1&mt=8

    Languages Supported- English Only

    Target Live Date –Aug-28

    iOS Target Device - Universal

    Technology Supported - iOS 7 (specifically which features/APIs), Screen Capture, Facebook and Twitter Integration, Game Center.

    iOS Exclusive? - Yes (Only on iOS)

    Marketing Description –

    Ever wished you could raise a Puppy of your very own?

    Now you can with My Puppy!

    Your job is simply to care for the world’s most cutie Puppy dog!

    Comments - any other info – We saw that there’re less pet game in the market which is good enough to play right now, tons of peoples are loving game like “Le Puppy”… but in fact the quality of those games are bad (but they have to play it because they have no other choice), My Puppy is born to give them a choice for a cute pet game in a mix with casual runner to allow player to run with their lovely pet. We’re working to have more Puppies and Items during updates. We really believe that we have something worth a feature by your site.







    Video Trailer - www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N3yVRzGDWo#t=19

    Thanks and regards,


    Here are some promo codes of the game. Enjoy it, my friend. If all of them are gone, please talk to me:

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    Thank you, man. Yes, he's my friend, and I didn't know that he had post the game before. :)
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    Here is the newest trailer of the game. Enjoy it, my friend.

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