[UPCOMING GAME]We've created a Flying Kitten, and she' so Happy!

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    Dear friends,

    Pine Entertainment will be launching a new iOS endless runner called Happy Kitten in JUNE-18. (Pine Entertainment is a small indie studio in South East Asia with many success iOS games (most of our games are featured by Apple in the launching date) like: Pocket Army, Century City, 99 Challenges!, Eyeser, 1+2=3, Watch Out!, Annoying Cab, Feed'em Burger, ATM Simulation...)

    This is a new take on runner genre with 1 touch control and amazing Doodle graphic.

    If we need to be consice about happy kitten: cute-freedom-challenging-addictive.

    More detail about Happy Kitten:


    Name: Happy Kitten

    Release Date: June-18

    Price: Free/Universal App

    iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/happy-kitten/id975253336?ls=1&mt=8


    "Your little kitten has always dreamed of flying. Luckily, in her dreams, she can do whatever she wants.

    Stars help her fly and every time she lands on a flying island, another one is waiting for her already. Time her landing as exact as possible, otherwise her journey will end and she will not fulfill her dreams of flying.

    Happy Kitten's Highlights:

    . Simple but addictive "one button" game
    . Perform dangerous jumps for bonus scores.
    . Awesome characters to unlock.
    . Beautiful hand-drawn doodle-style graphics.
    . Inspiring soundtracks & cute sound effects.
    . Accept challenges for great rewards.
    . Supports Game Center."







    Gameplay Video:


    We believe that Happy Kitten will be a great game for your readers and a value content to iOS gamers.

    Best Regards,
    Pine Entertainment
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