Updating album art on my new 80GB iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by retrovertigo, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. retrovertigo Guest

    I just got one of the new 80GB iPods, and I'm in the process of copying my 38GB music library onto it. The only thing is, I have several hundred albums that never finished downloading album art. I wanted to listen to my songs so I ejected the iPod and went on my way. Is there a way in iTunes to go back later and have the iPod go get the album art it doesn't have, some time when I'm not doing anything else?

    Just in case it matters, my iTunes is on a MacBook Pro.
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    I'm not sure, but I think by updating the art, thus changing the file size, it will likely update the song on the iPod the next time you sync. Kinda like "times played", "ratings", etc. Easy way to find out is simply get the art for one album, and try it out.

    BTW, I too just got an 80GB iPod. My first sync attempt was a disaster... iTunes shut down 3 times. I restored my iPod, junked my iTunes extensions, and did not try to sync photos. Music and videos then synced just fine... I'll try the photos / contacts tonight when I get home. It was weird... like using XP again.

    Anyone else having new iPod syncing issues? I think mine are fixed, but it was very un-Apple.

  3. retrovertigo thread starter Guest

    So you're saying that I should get the art in my normal iTunes library, and then see what that does? I'm deleting the stuff from my iTunes library as I get it onto my iPod, as I don't have enough room on my laptop to fit all of my music.

    Edit: I got it working. I don't sync, because I've heard nightmares about syncing. So I'm just getting the album artwork and then pushing the songs back over to my iPod.

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