Upgrade swap for iPhone 5 preorder?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jkim3691, Sep 12, 2012.

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    I googled my question, but nowhere really gave me a straight answer that I was looking for.

    Here's my scenario: I am on AT&T I upgraded from my 3GS to 4S on release day. (Would have waited, but that retina display was so enticing). Obviously, my 2 years has not been up. So I asked my dad who is on a dumb phone line if he was ever going to bother using his upgrade. My dad, a man of simple tastes said no and that I could have his upgrade.

    Now, I plan to preorder the iPhone 5 online through Apple's website. What info do I need in order to accomplish this? I am an authorized user on his account. And do I preorder with a data plan on his line, wait for the phone to come in and then go into AT&T and tell them that the phone is actually for me? Let them activate the nano-sim for my line and then cancel the data plan on my dad's line? Will there be a charge shown on the bill for the data plan or can it just be cancelled like no big deal? I've never had this experience before, so some help would be appreciated. Last year I just pre-ordered through Radio Shack quietly and made myself an authorized user and was in and out in 10 minutes.
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    Cmon there's an iPhone upgrade guide on top of this section and numerous threads about this.

    Yes you can do the swap. When the phone comes in, don't turn it on, call AT&T or go into a store (I suggest going into a store since it's easier), ask them to switch the sim to you since you are doing an upgrade swap, remove data plan from his account and put it on yours, done. You will be charged for the data plan on your account not his.
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    Did this last year, used my brother's upgrade to get 4S since he doesn't mind using a dumbphone. I got the 4S on his line, when the phone arrived I brought it along with my brother's phone to the AT&T store and told the rep what's up. They activated the phone on my bro's account, which deactivated the sim in my bro's dumbphone. Then swapped my sim into the 4S and removed the data plan from his line and gave me a new sim for his phone. All of this without paying anything extra.
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