Upgraded 800Ghz G4 to a Dual 1Ghz G4 Processor with Kernal Panic?


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Feb 22, 2010

I removed the 800Ghz G4 Processor then Replaced upgraded to Dual 1Ghz G4 Processor.

The system started with the Apple Chime and OSX 10.5.6 but then I received a kernel panic screen with errors.

Is this a OSX software nightmare?

Does the Operating System think it is trying to boot to a Single Processor? and gets confused about the Dual Processor? or was I supposed to change some settings via the sautering? scheme I have seen?

Please help....

I get White Buttons and the system just runs quiet.......

How do I get it to REINSTALL the OSX CD?

SKIPPY722 said from Fix ya "I would wipe it out and restore. But on a side note, did you reapply thermal grease for the new CPU?"

I'm adding it here but trying to get to the meat and potatoes group because I know you guys are the geniuses....here....I am IGOR......

no I did not.....is that needed? I didn't see any grease on either processor...but I would like to follow your process as I have heard that too on other system builds.......I didn't see it on this one.

I can find it at Fry's I am sure....

but can you please please tell me how to wipe it out and restore...

if the computer is not responsive....I mean I should have placed the CD in the Drive when I had the APPLE showing before the KERNAL PANIC.....

Now all I get is White Button and FAN noise.......

So I am unsure how to get back to the process of making the computer first OPEN The CD DOOR so I can PUT a CD INTO IT.....and then allowing it....

The keyboard seems unresponsive....so does the mouse....

Before it was in the programmers setting at Kernal Panic but Frozen....

So I shut down by pressing the power button.

Now when I repress the inside button for 30 secs........after unplug ofcourse....

I was going to try to RESET PRAM by holding the keys PRAM but again....I was not getting any response just the system turns on......

What should I do next to reinstall the OSX software?

thanks and mind my hump will ya? it will grow on ya! just call me "I'-GORE"

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Jun 26, 2010
If you didn't apply thermal paste, then you're at risk of melting the CPU.

If you're lucky, the Mac detected high temperatures and threw a kernel panic to save the CPU.

If you're not lucky, the CPU was destroyed by heat and that's causing the kernel panic.

You won't need to reinstall OSX.


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Oct 1, 2007
when swapping cpu's on a G4, don't forget to press the Cuda button on the logicboard for 5 seconds first.

if that doesn't help, then read the documentation that came with the cpu for updating firmware if need be.