Upgraded ibook g3 A1005 with new hard drive. What to do now?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by iluvgr8tdeals, May 4, 2009.

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    Apr 22, 2009
    I bought a used ibook g3 a1005 600mz from ebay, and I bought the following replacement parts for it
    -CD read write DVD read drive,
    -512 RAM chip,
    -120GB harddrive from seagate
    -Restore cds for iMac, with 4 software restore iMac cds with mac OS versions 10.1.3, 9.2.2, and a Worldbook media CD version 6.0.2 and and an apple hardware test cd for iMac. The reason I bought these is because I read in other blogs that you could use these cds to restore an ibook g3, even though the cds are for an iMac, because they are 'generic'.

    I have just replaced those parts and I have switched the computer on. It has a briefcase-looking icon (similar to the finder icon found on an iMac) that is blinking. I tried to run the software restore cds but they could not be run. First, a message soon after loading the cds 'the built-in memory has detected a problem,please contact a service technician for assistance' message comes. When you click on ok, it brings you to a box, where it says that the disk 'restore image' is the restoration disk and cannot be restored'. When I click on 'switch disk', I get a message 'the imac restore cd' is the configuration source disk and cannot be restored' Even when I install the apple hardware cd, it says that the cd does not support this system.

    I have a feeling that it may be because of the fact that I do not have the correct restoration cds for the ibook g3. I looked for them over the internet but could not find them. Or is it because I have a new hard-drive?

    Since I have a dvd drive, and I have a new hard-drive, what should I do to have the lap-top up and running? What operating system should I install? Panther, Jaguar or Tiger?

    Is there anyone who has replaced the hard-drive and ram on this specific ibook g3 and successfully installed the operating system after replacement? Which is the best OP for this kind of ibook? I don't mind not having the 9.2.2 version, since I don't think I shall need it. Please let me know the steps you took.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Aug 21, 2004
    I've upgraded this iBook and similar ones many times with new hd/ram etc.

    I have had the best luck running Tiger on this machine but disabling Dashboard on it. The Dashboard application sucks too much CPU power.

    You need to be careful of the infamous video chip problem in this computer. It works free, due to the flexibility of the iBook case. Many of us have shimmed the case with good luck.

    You mistook the "imac" restore discs for the eMac. It's the emac restore cds/dvds that are "generic", not the iMacs. I have these eMac dvds in Panther, so I know. Plus I have older iMac dvd and cd sets and they are NOT universal or generic. In fact, they don't even work on slight variations of the iMac G3 lines unless specific to that computer. (I've tried...)

    You said you have a dvd/cd drive in this iBook so you should not have any issue with getting a DVD of Tiger retail version and installing. I have a TIger dvd that I would sell you. I also have those eMac Panther DVDs. I didn't write you to get you to buy from me in any case.

    You've done the right upgrades, you just need the correct operating system. I think the onboard ram was 128mb and if you added 512, you have 640mb total which is plenty for Tiger. Panther would be okay too, but you might as well get the best bang for your buck.

    I am also slightly concerned about the ram error message. Make sure your new ram is sitting correctly in the slot.
  3. iluvgr8tdeals thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 22, 2009

    Thanks for your quick reply. I was wondering what kind of tiger dvd retail version I should get. When I went to ebay, I saw numerous types, some of which could only work in certain apple laptops and not others, according to the sellers. I do not want to make the same mistake of buying the wrong cds, as sellers are reluctant to accept returns, especially if the software was boxed.

    As for my RAM chip, yes, it is firmly embedded onto the slot, and the metal clips have 'clipped' into place, so I think the problem is in the installation software. Do you mind letting me know which exact Tiger dvd version I should buy? Please let me know if I can send you a private message if you wish to sell me your dvd. Shall it work if it has been used once or more than once?

    Thanks for your input. I was just at the apple store inquiring about it, and the 'geniuses' told me that I had to call apple care for the restoration cds, while I have read in many blogs that they no longer have such 'outdated' cds. Thanks for being my 'genius bar'!
  4. iluvgr8tdeals thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 22, 2009
    Solution to restored ibook g3 with new hard-drive, RAM and cd/dvd rom

    Let me list what I did to have my little ibook g3 up and running:

    1. I bought the original software restores that came with the ibook g3 from ebay. Without these, it shall be a nightmare (see below)It is a set of 6 cds listed above.

    2. Run both the OS 9.2.2 and the OS X software restores. Do not avoid running the OS 9.2.2 (See below)

    a) Once you have completed the download, use OS 9 as your start-up OS and try and log onto the internet. If you have wireless, then this might be the best option.

    b) Once you enable wireless (via airport), then you can switch your start-up OS to OS X. This is because, trying to use the OS 10.2.1 just downloaded to get onto the internet, either via ethernet or wireless shall be impossible because you don't have the updates 10.2.8. Now, I initially downloaded the updates from the Apple website (called stand-alone installers) and burned them into CDs to work around the problem of not having internet, from my iMac and was successful in downloading the 10.2.4 update combo, but when I tried to download the 10.2.8 combo or the 10.2.6 update, it brought the dreaded message with a red exclamation point on the hard drive stating that it could not be downloaded, listing the MB of the updates, even though the hard-drive was virtually empty!

    c) Once the internet is running and the wireless is on, then switch to OS 10.2.1 as your start-up OS and go to software updates under system preferences. The downloads shall take a couple of minutes, but you shall now be able to access the internet via your ethernet cable and wireless (airport) with your OS 10, which now shall have the 10.2.8 update.

    4. Get a full retail version of Tiger. (ibook G3 does not support Leopard) This is because, the Jaguar OS shall be a hindrance when surfing the web, because a lot of the newer browsers (Firefox 3, Safari are not supported under Jaguar.

    Hopefully, these steps shall save you the many hours of aggravation and numerous burnt cds for stand-alone installers (and surfing the web and getting conflicting information)

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