Upgraded MBP 13' Hard Drive from 250GB to 500GB - now really sluggish and long boot!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by chrisbrockhurst, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Jul 13, 2010
    Hi Guys,

    I got the new MBP 13inch about 6 weeks ago, bought it with the standard 250gb Hitatchi hard drive inside. About 2 weeks ago I upgraded it to a 500gb Toshiba 5400 hard drive, I copied everything accross with CCC (tried SuperDoopa first but it failed to boot after the copy) I noticed straight away that it was alot slower, the boot time went from 40 seconds to about 75 seconds. Now I read up on here and a few other places that the caches don't get copied with CCC and within a few days everything will be back to normal but they still arn't. Everything is still sluggish compared to the old hard drive and the boot time is still about 75 secs. The newer hard drive is also considerably louder too.

    Is there any real fix to this issue?... If I wipe the Hard drive and start from scratch will it sort it out (want to be sure because its going to be a time consuming process!)

    Cheers guys.
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    Backup your data and do an erase and install of Mac OS X.
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    I have used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone many Mac drives with no problems or speed issues. Go into System Preferences/Startup Disk and make sure to select the drive, this can add a lot of extra time to the boot process as it may be looking for a network boot. You should do this anytime you change the drive.

    One thing you did not mention was if you erased the drive after the first failed clone attempt. If it was not erased then you could possibly have extraneous data on the drive. If after selecting the boot drive the system boots slow, erase and reinstall or re-clone - but be sure to clone from a known good drive or it will be best to start over with a clean install.

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