Upgraded to 8GB of RAM - Macbook Unibody..Recommended!

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by daramos, Sep 17, 2011.

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    It had been a while I wanted to upgrade my stock 2Gb of ram on my macbook unibody late 2008. First I hand't done it because I had the understanding it would void by applecare warranty which it DOESN'T. Then I was just waiting for the price to dip. I went ahead and ordered the 8Gb kit of ram from amazon about 2 weeks ago. the Kingston (2x4GB) kit is just $49 now. link below:

    The installation process was a piece of cake it took me less than 15 minutes to remove the old ram and install the new ones. There is no place where you can go wrong. This is a link on how to install it from apple's website:

    After two weeks of testing and running my computer under different loads it is better than ever. Now it is running very smoothly even with many processes running at the same time. I always have 5-6 apps always running (SAFARI, MAIL, iCAL, iTunes, Preview, Chrome when I get suffocated with safari lol) open and hasn't given me any trouble at all.
    As of my geekbench score I thought that it takes into account the ram you have installed and I was expecting it to improve from my current 3404 score.
    But anyways my macbook which is now 35 months old is now working better than ever. I feel I just extended my macbook's life for a while longer and have no need to change it in the short run. I recommend anyway who currently has a macbook unibody late 2008 to go ahead and upgrade their ram. Its just 50 bucks now and its worth every penny.
    Next upgrade for the future is changing my 250gb HDD to a 128 or 256 SSD. Currently prices are around $250 for 120gb SSD so waiting for prices to go down next year. Check this video out and you'll see how ssd's improve macbook speed.

    HDD vs SSD in a Unibody Macbook Late 2008

    :) :apple:
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