Upgrading 3g to 3gs Apple Store or AT&T online worried about Text Package

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by belle123, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. belle123 macrumors newbie

    Jan 14, 2009
    I posted this inside another thread but I'm afraid it's going to get lost.

    I reserved the Iphone 3Gs for pickup at the Apple Store tomorrow. I noticed that it asked me what texting plan I wanted. I was only given a choice of None, 200, 1500 or unlimited and I HAD to choose one.

    Am I going to lose this texting discount on my account if I get the new phone through the Apple store tomorrow? (I have the 1500 for 8.99 b2b text plan)

    If I try to order online through AT&T it doesn't even ask me for a choice of text or data plan, so I"m guessing it will keep them the same????

    What does everyone else think? My fear is the little handheld things the Apple Store has will have the same screen options as the reserve online at Apple.com
  2. Jeremy08 macrumors regular

    Jul 27, 2008
    Im in a similar situation...although i sold my iphone 3g about a month ago and was able to keep my b2b 1500 8.99 on this little gsm motorola POS i have been using for the last month. Now that i ordered the iphone from the apple store online, i just figured i would put no text plan, and if they remove my b2b once i activate the iphone 3gS, ill probably just call and tell them to put it back on. If they refuse, ill site the fact that my girlfriend has the same package on her iphone 3g (were on a family share plan), and that I had it on my iphone 3g, im sure they can look up the history if there is an issue. Plus, usually (Unless you get a total d-bag) att reps can be pretty nice. Hopefully everything goes well with both of us...this brings up another question...what about when mms is enabled?? Will our 8.99 b2b text plans qualify as a 'messaging bundle' according to how att said they wouldn't be charging extra for mms for people of have 'text bundles' or whatever...any ideas?

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