Upgrading my living room TV. Can you help an old man out? Thank you


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Jun 4, 2014
Good evening everyone,

I appreciate your help very much. This is the first time I am writing on this forum, maybe because, due to my age, I feel pretty challenged by new technologies... even though I keep insisting that "I like a good challenge"... when all I want is to watch some Netflix. Hehe, and this is also where my doubts begin...

I have a TV and the AT&T UVerse box, and I also have a Blu-Ray player and some pretty nice speakers (all in the living room), and an Internet modem and wireless router (in another room, next to my desktop computer). My problem with the living room is that I have a lot of remote controls, and also I can't connect my Blu-Ray player to the Internet (because the router is in another room), and I would love to watch Netflix on my living room... But doesn't Chromecast require me to own a smartphone? I do not own a mobile phone, only landline... And I'm also thinking about getting the walls painted, and so I would love to get rid of the speaker cables, and make them wireless... Well, are y'all bored yet? :)

I appreciate your patience, and help, and maybe one of you could recommend something to help a older fellow out. I am willing to spend some time to get this:

- Some kind of "box" that allows my TV to play antenna, cable, and Internet content (like Netflix) -- the less remote controls the better -- I also like to play DVDs every once in a while;
- Some system that either 1) allows me to send sound wirelessly to my current speakers, or; 2) replaces my old speakers with wireless, self powered ones (because all options I researched lose the audio cable, but still have an AC power cord...).

I am even willing to upgrade the TV, if any of these features can be found in a "all-in-one" kind of deal... And I am sorry if my questions seems pointless or show too much disconnection to the real world... Believe me, I am trying to be more "modern"... Thank you kindly!
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Mar 20, 2013
If you are buying a New Tv some units are wifi enabled and have web apps such as netflix preinstalled.

I am guessing your Blue Ray player isn't wifi enabled and that is why you can not connect to your router... A terribly simply way to get Netflix with your current setup would be Apple TV or Roku both can be operated wirelessly.

Unfortunate there is no all in one solution.

As for your speakers, how do you expect to power the "self powered" speakers without an AC cord?? Battery?? Tesla coil?? hamster?? Plenty of wifi enabled speakers on the market but all will require AC power.


Apr 1, 2005
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Some of the newer smart TV's have what is called a sound bar that connects to the bottom of the TV. That would work for any audio you send to the smart TV.

You mention cable. You would need a cable box to watch cable TV. It connects to the TV so you are going to have a receiver next to or below the TV.

Since you would have a cable box by the TV there is no reason to not have your DVD player stacked with the cable box and connected to it.

I agree on the Apple TV or Roku box.

Whatever you do try to make sure all the wireless devices are at least 802.11n otherwise your local network could slow down.

You don't mention what kind of computer you have. That would help.


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Jul 13, 2008
If you are looking for one box (which seems to be the case) that can be your cable box and also provide a gateway to Netflix, I would recommend a TiVo Roamio.

If you mention your budget I can help you choose a TV with the best picture quality in your price range. You can certainly find a "Smart TV" with a Netflix app built-in, then get a universal remote that'll control everything in your home theater.

Most don't recommend wireless sound systems but there are plenty of good ones that you'll be able to control with a universal remote.

Edit: Are you looking for speakers that are completely wireless?


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Feb 26, 2008
+1 for the TiVo. Loved it when I had it. Clean easy to use UI. As for TV, depends on your budget, but you can find Smart TVs with WiFi and built in apps pretty cheap now a days. Good luck!
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