Upgrading on a Business Account?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by NowhereOutThere, Sep 16, 2012.

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    Jan 7, 2012
    I'm planning on buying an iPhone 5 this Friday (well, hopefully), as I couldn't preorder through the Apple Store Friday morning due to my AT&T line being under my dad's business account. Because of the inability to pre-order on Apple's website, I've become worried that I may not be able to buy it in person on Friday using my upgrade (my last iPhone was a 3GS, and my contract ended last year, so I am ready to upgrade to a new phone). When I bought my 3GS, it was at the Apple store and I didn't encounter any major problems, nor did I when I purchased the original iPhone back in 2007. Is my unease validated, or should I be able to purchase in person with no hassle?
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    Did you try to pre-order from Apple?

    The easiest way to see if Apple retail can access your account is to use the Upgrade Eligibily checker: https://buyiphone.apple.com/WebObje...Action/checkUpgradeEligibility?carrier=att_US

    If it can't access your AT&T account then it is unlikely that Apple will be able to sell you an iPhone on Friday. There are many types of AT&T accounts and not all are available to providers other than AT&T.

    Another way you can check is to swing by your local Apple store before Friday and see if you can sell you a current iPhone 4S. You should also ask them if they will allow you to access the account since your are not the "Account Holder". Different Apple stores have different policies on this.

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    You need to clarify if it is really a "business" account, or just an account that has your Dad's business lines on it. It may well be just another account, and surely not part of a big business since he is allowing you to be on his account.

    I guess the bigger question is, why could you not preorder? If you can not order online for whatever reason, that same reason will come up when you try to get one in the store.

    Tell us why you can not go online today and order a phone (other than it would be delayed of course).

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