Upgrading to iPhone 5 then putting the original phone back.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by aajeevlin, Jan 19, 2013.

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    So I have done a good amount of research on this (including calling Verizon), but I just want to check with some of you guys before I go ahead and do this. I have a huge family plan, and two of the lines are up for upgrade one is an iPhone 4 and one is a dumb phone. Since the two upgrades belongs to the two elder relatives on the plan, they have indicated that they are not interesting in upgrade to the iPhone 5. However, they are willing to upgrade and give the phones away to some of the cousins who have been asking (that are not on this plan and are not with Verizon) at the upgrade price.

    So I went into a local Verizon Store (actual Verizon Store) and told them the same story and the answer was no, we won't sell it to you. I said, I have no intention of breaking the two year contract after signing it, I intend to stay and pay the next two year, who are you to tell me what do with my phone? So I walked without the new phones.

    I then called Verizon 611 to ask the same question, the representative told me that as long as I don't do the upgrade, then try to break the contract and run away with the iPhone 5 I'll be okay. They said to basically treat it like a missing iPhone. I've also confirmed this with Apple.

    So this is what I have in mind:
    1. Go to Apple store and do the upgrade
    2. Activate the iPhone 5 in store
    3. Come home and swap out the two iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4 and the dumb phone
    4. Give the new iPhone 5s away and keep the contract

    Again, I fully intend to honor the new contract for the next two years, I'm not trying to scam Verizon. All this sounds pretty okay to me except what the first representative told me. What do you guys think? Thanks. (Yes, I'm fully aware that it'd be cheaper and all that if I were to simply buy the iPhone 5 at fully price vs. the price after two years, but we have no intension to switch away from Verizon, so upgrading or not it's the same to us)
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    I think you can do it for one line, the one with iphone 4
    you cannot substitute the smartphone line iphone 5 with a dumb phone because they cannot charge for the internet
    even with the new sharing plans,you have to keep a smartphone on the upgraded line!
    I don't work for Verizon!
    you can swap the sim card from iphone 5 with other lte phones without calling Verizon
    Thus if you buy from ebay a cheaper smartphone with lte you can use it instead of iphone 5.

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