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    I'm on the hunt for a new UPS for my dual G5. Problem is, it draws a HUGE amount of power; just idling quietly, it draws 170W and running all-out it's up around 325W.

    Add in a monitor and cable modem, and my setup is capable of drawing 480W. That's technically only 530VA according to my wattmeter, but since my old "575VA" UPS couldn't even handle the thing on idle, I'm going with manufacturer's watt rating, instead of those funky VA numbers. (Incidentally, I understand the difference between W and VA--power factor--although I don't quite know how UPS manufacturers get away with the VA lies they quote.) This means I need a rather beefy UPS.

    Getting to the point, I had picked out the APC 725VA (450W) Broadband model--it's highly reviewed, the software is OSX compatible, and it's made by a company I trust. I can probably find it for $90 shipped, if I shop around. I'll have to make sure my comp isn't running flat out when the power goes out if that 450W number is accurate, but it'll do, and I could always add a second, smaller UPS for my monitor if it's a problem.

    BUT (there's always a but), I just saw a deal at DealMac on the Belkin 800VA Universal (also 450W), from

    It's only $50 with free shipping, so probably $60 after tax. Problems: 1) I don't really like Belkin, particularly after the router advertising brouhaha. 2) There's a $60 mail-in rebate, and I am morally opposed to mail-in rebates. 3) Their software is apparently not Mac compatible. 4) I've read at least one review praising it, but another that said it had problems with monitor-start-up-surges that APCs didn't, and a business I know who uses older ones said it had problems with brownouts.

    So, I'm faced with a decision between a safe bet and something that looks tempting, is cheap, but has all the signs of a bad deal.

    Has anybody used a Belkin UPS like this, or have any alternate recommendations for the cheap-ass shopper?
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    The estimated load the dual G5 draws through the built-in supply at around 235W at idle and 370-400W running full blast.

    But these numbers were from people who had a load monitor and/or meter on larger UPSs.

    And it most likely included the 20" LCD monitor & second drive, but those ACD LCD monitors are drawing from the G5s power supply anyhow.

    You can find the link to the topic through the old thread

    G5 Energy Consumption, Anybody Know?


    Good God, your being a cheap ass bastard. :p

    Trying to protect a $3k+ dollar machine with a $10 UPS or less after rebate, when you can go down to Home Depot and find a cheesy power strip for $2. :rolleyes:

    I'd say stick with an APC Smart UPS 1000 or bigger, but you'd cry when looking at the price. They all look like they are less VAs for more $$$s, but APC generally rates their Smart UPSs for a decent amount of uptime at load compared to the competition.

    Even a Belkin 1000VA+ unit with some Wattage overhead is better that one that is "just enough" even though it may be $150-200 and on the shelf at the local CompUSA and/or OfficeSupply house.

    But you really need to go to their actual sites and see how much uptime you'll get with these cheap units at 480 to 550 Watts. And whether they include line conditioning, browout, overvoltage, etc.

    (almost looks like the Smart UPS 1000 (670W) replaced the old Smart UPS 750 (600W), so the numbers look a little more like everyone else -- unless you find old stock on the shelf)
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    The numbers I gave for my G5 are definite, based on a quality Wattmeter, so that much I'm sure of.

    And yes, I am being cheap--you try spending over $3000 on a computer and then telling your wife you now need to spend another $100 on a new UPS when your old one worked just fine up until now. That's how you get a decent computer when you're poor--skimp desperately on absolutely everything else.

    So I guess nobody has first-hand experience with a Belkin UPS, then?

    I had looked at those monster 1000+VA APC UPSes, but not only are they way the hell too big to put in my living room, but they don't even come with a USB port, so there's not automatic shutdown--for that much, I could buy two of these cheesy Belkin units on sale and still save some money.

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