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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by trlyka, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Dec 26, 2011
    I have a question about pre signing. When I was expecting my 2 Lightening cables, I printed out the UPS paper for pre-signing and selected to leave it with my neighbor and they still left it at my door :confused:

    I signed the paper which states I am giving permission for them to leave it as instructed at the location listed above. The above location being my address, but I selected the leave with 'Neighbor or Building Manager' option and put their address on the form which is right across the hall. So I guess I am missing something. I see where it says they will leave it at your door and I am basically saying they are not responsible, but what is the purpose of putting my neighbors address and asking them to leave it with them, if they aren't going to bother doing that? Should I not sign the paper at all and just ask to leave it with my neighbor and then they would sign for it? Maybe that's what I am doing wrong :confused: It would appear that by signing the paper, all other instructions are moot. Even putting the address of my neighbor....

    How to Pre-Sign for your Apple Package

    Accept the Terms and Conditions below, and click Continue.
    Print the form on the next page.
    Sign the form and attach it to your door.
    Terms and Conditions
    I understand that Apple requires signatures acknowledging receipt of delivered goods. By signing the Shipment Release Authorization form, I hereby authorize Apple's carrier to leave my package at the address I have specified for delivery when placing my order. I understand that, in so doing, I assume the risk of any loss, theft, or destruction, and release Apple and its carriers from all liability that may result from, leaving the package where I have indicated on the Shipment Release Authorization form.

    I accept the above terms and conditions

    Why do I have to sign for my package?
    Since most Apple shipments contain valuable items, we require our carriers to obtain a signature when they deliver a package. However, we realize you can't always be there to sign for your delivery, so we offer you the convenience of pre-signing for your packages.

    What is Apple Pre-Sign?
    Apple has made special arrangements with carriers to allow you to pre-sign a form and leave it at your door. The carrier will then have the option to leave the package at your designated location without someone being there to sign for it.
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    No, you need to sign it. I don't think you are missing anything--your delivery guy just screwed up.
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    UGH...I was afraid of that. Next delivery will be my phones. I guess I have to write real big and highlight it too :rolleyes:

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