Urgent help needed…can't login to MacPro - network trouble

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by evoluzione, Oct 13, 2007.

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    hey guys, i'm at work, and of course the IT Dept is not, not that know Macs anyway.

    One of the MacPros is causing problems, basically we have them on a Windows network, Samba from what I understand, and we all have our network logins but no local logins. the problem is that we cannot log in on one machine, with any of our accounts (don't know about teh admin account, because, again IT isn't here). The other machines are fine btw.

    I tried booting in single-user mode, fsck brings up nothing unusual...i can't boot from my external, i guess they managed to turn that off? I don't have a CD to boot from either.

    anyone have any ideas????

    thanks guys
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    Wired or Wireless? If wired, take it to another Ethernet port. If wireless... plug it into Ethernet.

    That's just a shot in the dark, knowing nothing about your environment.
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    If that doesn't work, leave the Mac Pro turned off and unplugged from the power and network for half an hour, then try again. :)

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