US declines to try half of native american crimes.

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    Not much more to say that's not already in the title. It's pretty disturbing that violent criminals are allowed to walk free on native reserves because it's "more difficult to prosecute them". That leads to the question, are these reservations still necessary? When will there come a time when native american reservations are no longer under their own set of laws, no longer exempt from all taxes, and no longer receiving taxpayer money for nothing? Many native americans still get reparations from the government. I think this is seriously messed up and needs to be stopped. However, it's not even on the political radar right now. Something must be done. Maybe we should take all the black folks and put them on their own reservations and pay them reparations as well? :rolleyes:

    The Justice Department has reported that the crime rates experienced by Native Americans are two and a half times higher than those experienced by the general population, and that violent crime happens in Indian Country at a rate of 101 per 1,000 persons.
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    That's interesting and unexpected, you always hear about disaffected young black men and latinos who commit a higher proportion of crimes.

    I'm sure Native American populations are in decline anyway, although that casino business may rejuvenate them; it beats berry picking eh?

    This is also tied to some muslims wishing to be tried in sharia courts or under sharia law for certain offences. I agree with you that there should be one law for everyone in a land, no favourites or privileged class.
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    Afaik the majority of NA don't benefit from casinos. The res's are probably the worst hoods in the USA.

    Wouldn't trying to take away the sovereignty of the res constitute an
    Act of war?
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    Reservations are sovereign.

    It's not a question of whether they are "necessary".
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    That was my understanding. Afaik it would be like trying to take over Mexico or Canada no?
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    Indian casinos on sovereign land don't pay taxes on money made, but the gamblers winnings are taxed.
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    Monaco doesn't pay the United States taxes when American gamblers lose there.

    Again, "sovereign" is the key word here.
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    No, it really wouldn't be exactly the same.

    NA tribes are viewed as "domestic dependent sovereignties." They have certain elements of foreign sovereigns, but not others.

    Technically we could get rid of all reservations and tribal statuses in terms of the law if the Senate and the tribes ratified a treaty to that effect. I think that NA don't really get that great of a deal right now; a handful of individuals at the top keep gambling profits while most of the tribe is worse off than the average American.

    Not that it'll ever happen anyway; there's an entrenched interest in keeping the tribes' status unchanged.
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    Thanks for the clarification.

    I also appreciate you pointing out that we can't simply take reservations back without renegotiating existing treaties.

    Though I doubt the Native Americans would be too interested in giving them back.
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    I've been to some of the very poor Reservations here in New Mexico and it is astonishing how poor and run down these places are. It almost resembles a third world country.
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    On tenterhooks
    But the Chief of Reservations, with casinos, do very well for themselves.

    Even Native Americans are entitled to corruption.
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    A Bit Of An Education For Some Of You

    I urge you all to watch this and actually pay attention (especially those of you who do not understand the plight of the Native American.)

    ...and if you don't shed a tear after watching this, then you have no heart.

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