US troops increasingly fear that a major war with Russia or China is just around the corner

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    The Military Times recently polled their active duty subscribers, as they do every now and again, and found that the active duty troops had a real fear that the US would become involved in a war with Russia or China in the next year, or so. Some members even report that some active duty members are leaving the service to avoid what they think is coming. Even members of the upper echelons of the officer corps are speaking out about what they see as an almost inevitable conflict that's coming. I wonder what they are seeing, that the American public isn't seeing? It certainly speaks to their lack of faith in the current administration to keep us out of war. The numbers who trust and like Trump have also fallen. No doubt this has something to do with the results of the poll.

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    Which is why Ron Paul received the most campaign contributions from the rank and file than any other candidate.
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    What do they know? The guy in charge is smarter than the generals, he said so.
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    I'd have to imagine that the war games they've been practicing for over 5 years now explicitly designed so simulate war with both those countries would have something to do with it.

    If we were doing fire drills every day at work I'd imagine my perception would be geared towards seeing the place as a tinder box.
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    Lets do a small history recap shall we? After Trump won the 2016 election, the left cried foul that the Russians had meddled in our elections and they should be sanctioned/punished. After Trump was sworn in a short time later Congress overwhelmingly passed legislation condemning the Russian Federation for meddling in our elections and officially tying Trump's hands behind his back so he couldn't improve US-Russia relations, without going through Congress exclusively. Fast forward to the end of 2017. In the new defense bill that was voted in with bi-partisan support by Congress, it included several anti-Russian Federations provisions, where the US would not cooperate, share, or work together militarily. Also included was language to review the INF treaty that Congress said Russia had been violating, where a review and it's findings would be concluded in 2018. Now lets go to sanctions. China, the big WTO violator. Chuck Schumer has been a supporter of Trump using section 201 tariffs of 1974. So my question is, why are we solely blaming Trump, when all of this happening is because what Congress has done? Yes, Trump is the Commander in Chief, but all that has happened to bring us up to this point is because our US Congress has been putting all this crap onto paper and Trump has been going a long with it.

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