US Women will win most Medals in Rio: Thank Title IX, A Democratic Senator - and Richard Nixon

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    It's been 44 years since the US Congress passed the landmark Title IX legislation, mandating equality in athletic opportunity for women at educational institutions that receive Federal funding.

    And one result of this has been the rise to incredible dominance of US women in international athletics. The US women's soccer team is in search of their fourth consecutive Gold Medal. Women's basketball hasn't lost a game since 1992. Our rowing team hasn't lost a match since 2006. our water polo team is looking to repeat its London Gold Medal performance.

    The last Olympics prior to Title IX was Munich, in 1972. And US women were something of an afterthought: They won just 23 medals, compared to 71 for US men. There hadn't been a US women's gymnastics champ in decades. US women were an afterthought in track and field, winning only one Silver and two Bronze.

    The impact of Title IX goes far beyond just Olympic success. It's given girls and young women the opportunity to compete and participate in school sports at every level. From grade school soccer to college level fencing. Improving their health, their confidence, and their independence. It's helped moms and dads stay involved with their children's lives. And girls and young women who stay involved in athletics are far less likely to drop out of school or have children out of wedlock.

    We're a better, prouder country because a half century ago a progressive Democrat and a conservative Republican President could agree on a principle of fundamental fairness and equality of opportunity for all of our citizens. I'd like to think there was a lesson for some of today's Republicans to think about.
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    I was with you until you specified Athletics and then starting talking about a bunch of sports i do not associate with Athletics. In my mind Athletics is track and field and the US women will not dominate in that area.
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    First Gold medal in Rio went to a female American teenager in a shooting competition.
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    "Conservative" isn't a bad thing by default, and by today's standards Nixon was uber-lefty-commie in so many ways (55mph federal speed limit to conserve oil use, creating the EPA, almost got single payer coverage passed with a bipartisan support, meh - the headlines say it best (and not because of the Watergate Hotel issue, either):

    Why Meathead hated the guy, I have no idea...
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    Great post. Congrats to the women who will come back with gold for their country.
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    How much will the IRA insist they pay for that gold medal?

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