USA Today reviews the video iPod

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 20, 2005.

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    Scratches, check. And the soft case provides some protection, although it may itself scratch the front of the iPod.
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    Any plastic device will scratch--and I sympathize: any scratch is frustrating--but especially so on an iPod which is such a work of art to begin with!

    But new iPods have the same plastic as the old one--nano included. The same plastic as my iPod that is nearly scratch-free after a year of use. The wonders of a case :) And I wouldn't want to have an uglier player just to make me care less about marring it :eek:

    If you don't like cases, consider clear film. Buy cheap PDA or camera protectors, or pay more a fitted iPod protector kit.

    Cases can trap grit and CAUSE scratches. This is true. A case you leave your iPod in full-time is better than taking it in and out. My Podsleevz is great that way--and I also use a protective film on the iPod IN the sleeve--but only on the screen part because the case has stitches near there and I'm extra paranoid. The non-film-covered parts of iPod aren't scratched up either.

    Why do reports of scratches vary so much? a) Black shows worse than white. b) People treat their iPods differently. And c) People have different standards. Many scratches only show if you look close. One person's "no scratches" is another person's "why didn't Apple use diamond!"

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