USAF sending replacement parts through Fedex: Are you kidding me ?

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    I just read those 2 fantastic (german) links on the homepage/online shop of my favourite video game store here in innsbruck

    to sum it up for the non german readers:

    the USAF sent spare parts from Eglin Air Force Base to Al Asad Airbase north of Baghdad, Iraq through FEDEX and it ends up in a video game store in Innsbruck Austria ?

    on one of the pictures you can see a suspicious red button on the box inside .. guess that explains why the US embassy sent the police over to pick it up after they got called by the shop ;)

    to quote the site:
    i wonder what guys in iraq thought when they got their box filled with video games instead of replacement parts with big red buttons
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    Yeah, Bush could use one of these right about now:

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    Why not? They send soldiers and their weapons on commercial airlines. At least someone's getting much needed equipment.

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