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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by irishgrizzly, Jan 24, 2008.

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    Hi, my brother has an early Mac Mini which only has two USB ports in the back of it. One he's uses for the keyboard and the other he uses for a wireless internet doddle.

    He's bought a WD external HD – one that needs two USB ports (one for data, one for power). He bought a crappy USB hub, but it didn't deliver enough power to the HD. Idealy I think he should get a firewire USB hub as he doesn't use his FW port. Can anyone recommend a good Mac friendly unit – price isn't too much of an issue as I'll probably treat him if I find a good one.
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    Huh? Unless I missed something, such a thing does not exist--there are combo hubs, but none that will run USB devices off a FW port.

    My only recommendation would be to NOT get a Belkin--I liked the look, the size, and the price, but mine was horribly flakey. When the Mac was put to sleep, some of the time the hub would usually sleep as well (which is ok), and some of the times it did it would also fail to wake back up (which is incredibly annoying).

    Ironically, I had a cheesy RadioShack hub before that that worked flawlessly (still does).

    Maybe check out the Mini-specific hubs that some companies make if you don't mind the higher price--they fit well with the Mini, and are obviously designed to work with one.
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    For a powered USB hub, I've got two of these , and I love them! Bulletproof, zero config, handle everything, and are stackable. They don't "sleep", and provide all the power for any device I've ever needed, and have never interfered with anything that would require a direct conect to the MB. The ONLY potential issue is the power brick is pretty huge.

    Belkin F5U237v1

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