Use Find My iPhone + IMEI lock to sell iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Velin, Oct 18, 2013.

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    I am wondering if anyone has used the new Find My iPhone and IMEI lock/reporting to sell an iPhone. We've read the stories about sellers shipping an iPhone either domestically or overseas, only to have a scammer say they "never received it," and then seek to void a credit card or PayPal transaction. Seller is out of a phone, plus no payment, and then is left scrambling to prove receipt, possibly collect insurance, challenge the payment reversal, etc., all of which are bad, time-wasting options.

    So why not use Find My iPhone and IMEI lock in an offensive manner? When you sell your iPhone, tell the buyer you won't release the IMEI until the buyer (i) acknowledges receipt in writing and (ii) you have confirmed payment in hand. Seems to me this would cut down on the incidents of scammers reversing payments while a seller's iPhone is in transit.

    Let me preemptively answer two potential objections. First, perhaps some buyers will never agree to purchase a locked iPhone. This may be a buyer's reasonable position. The answer is, there is no deal to be struck and you don't transact with them. As the seller, you are the one taking the risk; after you ship an unlocked iPhone, your leverage is gone.

    Second, maybe some scammers will take a locked iPhone anyway, and then try to pawn it off to another mark or a reseller for a quick buck. I don't have a great answer. But it seems to me if you can keep that iPhone locked, scammers will be receiving a glorified iPod Touch, if (i) Apple stays true to its word and simply refuses to unlock or exchange an iPhone with a locked IMEI in all countries throughtout the world, and (ii) hackers can't find a way around iOS7 IMEI bricking. At a minimum, seems to me this would certainly put a dent in scammer's "profits," no?
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