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used 2015 macbook pro 15'' vs brand new 2020 macbook pro 13''


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Original poster
Oct 6, 2020

hi everyone, i will buy a laptop in a couple weeks but cant decide;

mid 2015 macbook pro retina 15''
- 2.8 ghz quad-core i7 processor
- 16 gb 1600mhz ddr3 ram
- intel iris pro 1536mb -amd radeon r9 m370x 2gb dual graphics
- 1tb ssd

2020 macbook pro 13''
- 1.4 ghz quad-core i5 (8th gen) processor
- 16 gb 2133 mhz lpddr3 ram
- intel iris plus graphics 645
- 256 gb ssd

i usually work with audio and 2020 13inch mb is enough for that but i'm also interested in visual works and want to work with softwares like touchdesigner which is why i mainly consider the 2015 mb with a dedicated graphics card.

which one would be the most efficient? is the 2015 mb too old to buy today? are skylake processors worth it or the old processors on 2015 mb's would be sufficient? is it a bad idea to buy a laptop that is used for 4-5 years?
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