Used MacBook for 600£


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Mar 13, 2017
Hi everyone!

Now I have MacBook White 2010 4GB 320M 128SSD and I want to change it for something stronger.

I have 600£ for that and this is maximum price: lower=better - only 13 and 15 inch MacBooks. I will use this notebook at home with monitor and in travel also. I need it for internet browsing, sometimes some little game - occasionaly cs:go on BootCamp.

What is the best option in that price? What is a good deal?

I have searched a lot of auctions and I've found deals like this:

MacBook Air 13" 8GB 128GB 2015 with 6 mouths Apple warranty - 590£

MacBook Air 13" 4GB 128GB 2015 with 6 mouths Apple warranty - 480£

MacBook Pro Retina 13" 4GB 128GB Late 2013 great condition - 590£

MacBook Pro Retina 13" 4GB 128GB Late 2013 with foreign keyboard and minimal dent - 500£

in my country i can find MacBook Air 13" 4GB 128GB 2013 for 340-380£ but you need to be patient

What Macbook from this list or just what Macbook will be the best choice for 600£?

sorry for my bad english but i hope you understand


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Oct 24, 2013
I would go with the retina pro for £590 because I love the retina screen and mine is still spot on and never breaks sweat 31/2 years later.


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Mar 4, 2005
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I have a MBA 2013 8GB 128GB and I love it. It's more or less the same power as the 2015 MBAs. Definitely go for the 8GB if you can. I regret getting the 128GB - I have an extra 128GB on an SD card which helps a lot, but it isn't the same as having the full 258 GB internal storage.

I am now considering selling it and getting a 2013 MBP 15" with discrete graphics, mainly because of the bigger screen and better graphics. Again, the 2013 MBPs are more or less the same as the 2015 MBPs.