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    OK. Upon further reflection and some advice from a few Mac users I'm going to hold out getting a new Mac this year and opt to save up for a Prius next spring. But the itch needs to be scratched. I'm running an aging 800Mhz Toshiba laptop that is feeling its age both for gaming, DVD ripping, web development, and photo manipulation. Its not the slowest on the market but its getting to a point where I have to wait to get some things done.
    So the question I put forth is where on this glorious "web" is the best place to find used PowerBooks? I'm looking for a G4 to tide me over for a year to a year and a half until I can plunk down the cash for a G5 17” PowerBook. Also what gotchas do I need to look out for when dealing with used Mac equipment? Everything I've purchased up til now has been new and I'm a bit squeamish dealing with used equipment but if it can same me some $$$ so be it.
    Any advice you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, the problem with buying used Macs is that if they're in good condition, they retain their value extremely well. The old G3 Powerbooks (Pismo) are still selling for upwards of $750... and they can't even take advantage of Quartz Extreme. For a few hundred dollars more, you'd probably be better off looking at a 12" G4 iBook or a refurb 12" Powerbook. Take good care of it, and you'll be able to get a nice price for it when you're ready to upgrade.

    I know I didn't really answer your question. So... If you're not comfortable with eBay, take a look at Search under 'items for sale'. There are many 'local' versions of the site, and I've always had good luck with the SF Bay Area listings. Hope this helps.
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    I've actually sold both my powerbooks to other people via craiglists (and other local classifieds). Things you should look out for are the usual stuff. Look for good condition, make sure the computer boots up and ALWAYS check the system profiler to make sure you are getting the machine you are lead to believe you are buying. And as a rule of thumb, always take someone with you when you are ready to buy and actually carrying the money. Legit buyers don't mind you checking out the powerbook to make sure it's the real deal. I didn't mind when I sold my powerbooks.

    Just remember it's a big purchase and to check out the powerbook to the same level you would a used car. And never get pressured into the buy either.

    Hope that helped.
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    You could always roll the dice and bid on e-bay

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