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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by IDANNY, Sep 9, 2004.

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    I was on my moms g3 white ibook. And I had to install some software and the password wasn’t working. So I got my panther disk and restarted and tried to rest the password then I saved and restarted (I force restarted without thinking :( ) Well I went to get into the computer and there is no username it just said other in the startup list. I went into other and put in my name and password the new one. Now it wont let me get in. So I started from the cd again and it doesn’t even show the username anymore. But under mac os x it still says the name of the computer. After this I put the computer in target mode to make sure everything is there and all of her stuff is there.

    Any help Would be greatly appreciated

    P.S. I think my mom is going to kill me :eek:
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    run disk utility off the startup cd. try and see if that can fix any problems that happened with the force reset.

    sounds like you corrupted some needed file with the force restart. if all else fails, make a new user and copy all the stuff from the old user to the new user. COPY. back up the old user just in case. if that works, great. if not, just copy the important stuff, like your documents, mp3s... not the library and prefs.

    might take some work, but it doesn't sound like you will lose much of anything.

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