Using gmail as POP – sent email from server?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by irishgrizzly, Sep 17, 2009.

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    I'm using gmail as a POP account in my mail app on OS X. All in my inbox messages downloaded from the server but I only have the sent messages that I send from my mac (not from a browser).

    Is there a way to store these sent messages locally?
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    Use IMAP

    The only way to store your sent messages on the server when using POP is to cc: yourself. With POP, the server has only a single "folder", and it contains only your incoming email. So, send yourself a copy. (Some/many/most email clients have an option to do that automatically. I don't use GMail, so I don't know if their web client has that option.)

    As the previous poster suggested, IMAP makes a lot more sense in your situation (and for anybody, for that matter, whenever you are retaining all mail on the server.) The above solution is messy, because there's no way to keep your outbound mail separate from your inbound mail. One. Folder.

    With IMAP, the server can have multiple folders, which you can maintain from your client. You can move messages between folders to organize them. Most email clients have some ability to "filter" incoming mail into different folders, as well. And, more importantly, most IMAP clients have an option (similar to the "send a copy to myself") to save all outgoing mail in a "sent" folder on the server.

    How this all works with GMail, I have no clue. I know that Gmail has features (like tags) that don't directly correspond to IMAP features, and different clients have different solutions to deal with that.

    Personally, I use (I guess now Rackspace EMail - they got bought.) I can set-up filters on the server itself (though a web interface) so that my incoming mail is automatically sorted into folders based on headers and/or content. I access my mail using Thunderbird (I'm also trying-out Postbox) on a PC, Macbook, and Linux. I imagine GMail has some similar filtering feature (auto-tagging, I guess)? From what I've read from others, the OSX Mail app may not be the best choice for IMAP/Gmail. I'm reasonably happy with Thunderbird, having in the past used Eudora and then PocoMail (both with POP). I switched to Thunderbird when I got an iPhone and switched to IMAP (though I have 3 computers, I had no compelling need to access mail from more than one - until I got the iPhone) - PocoMail's IMAP support is (or was, at the time) wonky. Postbox looks promising, filling-in some of the Thunderbird holes and then some.

    Oh, the last detail - ("one more thing", hah...) - I see you want the messages locally. In your email client, you will probably have to set an option for each folder to do that. In Thunderbird it's "select this folder for offline use".

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