Using the ipad announcement to judge when the next iphone will come out

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tigress666, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Alright, so just want to know if I got this right.

    In the past when they introduced the iphones in June (not last year), am I right that they introduced the new iOS when they introduced the iPad (or was it some other event they usually used)?

    If so, I'll be willing to bet that if they announce iOS during this iPad announcement we can probably bet that it's probably June. Otherwise most likely last year wasn't a fluke and they do want to move the usual time to October (This would be my bet without any evidence but I have to admit I'm hoping I'm wrong cause my contract ran out 2 days ago and I'm not usually patient about waiting to get new tech when I'm ready to).
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    There's really no pattern to judge because there's been two iPad cycles and iOS releases didn't really sync int he same way. iOS 4.2 came out with the original iPad, and a similar dot-release came out with the iPad 2, but there was a preview of iOS5 and a subsequent developer beta with the 2.

    Official releases of major new versions of iOS have always come out with (or within days of) new iPhone models. iPad releases usually come with minor .x releases.

    No, last year iOS5 was discussed with the iPad 2 event on a very preliminary basis, and we didn't get iOS5 till October, a week before the 4S.

    I think we will get clues as to when the next iPhone will come out though, IF they talk about iOS 6 and when it might be released. If they talk summer or Q2, then it's likely to be June. If Q3/Q4, then we're probably looking at October.

    Of course there's a whole other wildcard: Mountain Lion and OS X, which is going on a yearly rapid-release cycle starting this year. We will see if Apple has the staff and dev resources to really pull that off, without delaying iOS.
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    Oh shoot, I know what it was... they didn't introduce actually letting developers play with it til June or something, right (cause I remember that did clue me in that it wasn't going to come out June)? Maybe it was previous to iOS 5 (like with 4 and below) they had given developers the beta version around the time the iPad came out?

    Unfortunately I have the worst memory and now I can't remember when they released beta for the developers for 5 and I don't know when they released beta for the previous versions causes I wasn't on this site or paying near as much attention to Apple for the previous ones (hell, it wasn't until I got on this site that I realized i got my first iphone only a month after it was out.. I had thought it was already out for a while when I got it).

    Anyways, did the release previews of the previous OS's before they released betas of it, or was iOS 5 the first one they talked about a preview without releasing a beta?

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