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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by macmaster007, Sep 1, 2014.

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    I recently purchased and repaired an iPhone 5S and then proceeded to unlock it, all is well and it's working amazingly on T-Mobile (original was AT&T), however now I am considering switching to Sprint. Sprint has better coverage than T-Mobile, and I will be able to get unlimited talk text and data for $40 (by adding to my brothers plan). Now I researched this, and have come to a mixed conclusion. All Verizon iPhone 5S' have CDMA and GSM capabilities along with being GSM unlocked, however it is not possible to activate a Verizon iPhone 5S on Sprint (except in a few rare cases I've read about). I was thinking about resigning myself to getting a Sprint 5S but then I noticed something peculiar on my phone. Can someone explain to me why I'm seeing both Verizon and Sprint on my (supposedly CDMA-off'd) iPhone 5S? I am aware that activating a non-Sprint device to Sprint is not easy (bordering on impossible) however I am curious to have an answer to this.

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    Simple answer.
    Not possible.
    This is a gsm only iPhone.
    You cannot activate or use it on any CDMA carrier.
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    No possible. Want sprint....get a sprint phone. Only option.
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    To add to this: even if the Phone had CDMA capability, Sprint will not activate it unless it was originally intended to be on Sprint. Even if you buy a Verizon iPhone, Sprint will not activate it, even though it might be unlocked and even thought it has the ability to operate on Sprint's CDMA network.
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    think twice about sprint, their the worst carrier in the states, very unfriendly towards consumers, harsh unlock policies, terrible 3G speeds (below 500kbps) you'll be better off with a MVNO using at&t infrastructure like a gsm version of straight talk

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