using verizon iphone 5 on At&t netwrok .....


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Oct 3, 2012
im using verizon upgrade to get an iphone 5 :apple: , but i use At&t , so i want to use it on At&t

when i picked up the phone today from the apple store, they told me that as soon as i turn on the iphone 5 , the versizon line that assosictaed with it will switch to the iphone 5 , and the person assosciated with that line will lose the service .

can you advise . i want to use it on At&t network and i dont want to bother the person that i used his upgrade .

- is Verizon going to leave it unlocked ?,, cause i remember sprint sold the iphones unlocked and then send a software upgrade and locked them .

- since im using the device not on verizon. will verizon keep waiting for the activation or they dont care if i activate or not on their service? cause on verizon online i see this message :
"You currently have a pending order for this line of service. You have the option to return to My Verizon to upgrade your equipment after the order has been completed or you may contact Customer Service at (800) 922-0204 for assistance with your order."

- Since verizon iphone 5 is unlocked , is it the same unlocked iphone 5 that apple usually provide for full retail price off contract?

- can i use the micro sim card that came in the verizon phone to activate the phone on At&t by calling At&t ? or that micto sim for bverizon only and i need a new micro sim ?

thanks in advance


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Apr 23, 2011
It has all the radios for their HSPA+ network. So you'll get a "4G" logo, but not LTE. Prob around 4-6Mbps down. But the LTE networks aren't compatible as they use different radios. Plug in the At&t sim card before you turn on the iPhone 5 so it doesn't get activated on the Verizon network.
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