UT2K4 Mods - Help/Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Haoshiro, May 30, 2006.

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    Feb 9, 2006
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    During LAN parties it seems the one game we can alway ensure everyone can play is UT2K4. Other games either have no Mac version, have network issues, or someone hasn't installed the game and nobody wants to wait the 30 minutes to get it installed/patched/etc.

    A full day of LANing really makes a person get bored of just UT2K4 and working, fun, alternatives are hard to find. We tried AvP2 but that wore out very fast.

    It occurred to me, then, that the perfect solution might be UT Mods. Problem is, I really don't have any experience setting these up and following the instructions included in the mods really seems to be hit or miss.

    I tried installing HaloUT on the mac and was horrified when I found out that simply dumping the contents in the UT2K4 folder and letting it Overwrite works completely different then on Windows. It wiped out my UT, forcing me to reinstall. In windows it would have just replaced the 'folders' (not contents) and added the new content... worked fine on my 2K box but ruined UT on the Mac... grr! I really don't see a SIMPLE way to install a mod when i can't just copy the contents over... folders and all. I found UT2K4 Mod Installer but that seems to rarely work (if at all).

    Once I finally had HaloUT setup on everyones machines and started a server... only the person running the server had weapons, so we couldn't play. It looked fantastic (if incomplete) but no way to play.

    So can anyone recommend some good Mods and tell me what I need to know to be get them to work?

    Also, Total Conversions... does this completely replace standard UT2K4, in terms of meaning I cannot play standard UT anymore if I install one? I was going to install Red Orchestra but it wanted to overwrite some files that looked to be directly UT related... I expected the mod to add files, not replace. So I have not tried for fear of ruining my UT.

    If that is the case, is there any way to run a total conversion without overwriting the standard game? And is there anyway for me to run multiple total conversions? I'd like to try a bunch of these out but don't want to have to kill one to try another - plus that would not work in a LAN when we'd want to play more then one.

    Help and Suggestions much appreciated!!

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