V20 Notebook Speakers from Logitech

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    Description:: The V20 Notebook Speakers from Logitech offer just about the best sound you’re likely to find at this size and price point, especially in USB-Powered speakers. I am currently using them as a replacement for the desktop speakers on my mac pro, the sound is that good.

    However, I think with a bit more attention to the Mac market in mind when designing the V20’s Logitech would have a runaway hit withe these travel speakers. If all the speaker’s multi-media features were supported on the latest Intel Macs, these would be easier to recommend. Still, their above average sound quality, compact size, nice styling, and lack of the need for an extra power outlet earn them a respectable 7.5 out of 10 rating.

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  2. sord macrumors 6502

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    Um, what speakers have any communication abilities to the computer they are plugged into? Every set of speakers I've bought was just volume and bass/treble control, so why is this review all upset that you can't control iTunes or anything with them? THEY ARE SPEAKERS! Plus, with the MacBook don't you get a remote?
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    USB speakers can communicate bidirectionally via USB with the computer. The control buttons on the speakers are there for that very purpose. It's not like they're complaining that the mfr didn't include some feature. They're complaining that the feature is there and doesn't appear to work on Macs as of yet.
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    The speakers have play/pause/skip/ etc buttons on them. Seem to only work on Windows PC apps, not iTunes or DVD player on the Mac.
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    Ah - thanks for the clarification - I'm just used to speakers that connect via mini-RCA.

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