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    Feb 4, 2004
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    Ahhh the Clio. Had so much potential. At this point the only thing the Clio is good for is a terminal server station that can remote control a session on either an XP system or a Windows NT/2000 terminal server. The media players on it are a joke now a days and don't even support the current Media Player Codec's. Office on the thing is the equivalent of Office 97. It barely functions anymore what with 2K, XP, and 2003 out. And software support for the MIPS CPU is dead. Or was it running ARM? In any case most current software is compiled for the XScale and probably wouldn't even run on the StrongARM CPU anymore.

    The OS, if memory serves is a flavor of Windows CE 2 at the time called handheld PC 2000, they didn't update it to the last version of CE that MS released for the handheld which was CE 3. After which time MS....Well they didn't kill the platform. But they sort of let it sit out there with no updates and slowly die. I think HP was the last to hang onto the dieing hope that it wouldn't die with their 7xx series clamshell.
    It’s a pity MS ****canned the platform. Laptops with no moving parts, literally instant on, and 8+ hours of battery life will be the wave of the future at some point. Microsoft occasionally has some good ideas. They just do a piss poor job at implementing them.
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    it was even wireless compatable! The most use ive seen for it now is at conferences where ppl write their views on the Clio, and is passed wirelessly onto a server and then the speaker can comment on the comments.

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