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Jul 17, 2002
First question i would like to know is whether or not it is possible to overclock any of the New Powermacs... by upping the FSB ( i assume that MOTO ship APPLE locked G4's) . This is only out of interest.
Finally much as i love apples case... in my opinion there is one case better on this planet... the Vapochill mark 2. Some guy with a 2.8 Pentium 4 got his rig running rock solid at 4113GHz.... there in there abouts....
Is it possible to set up a vapochill rig with one of the older single core G4's.
Image (dreaming of coarse) dual vapochilled g4's at 1.6 - 1.8 GHz.... sweet goodness.... of course the mobo prob wouldn't take such speed and you probably would want to use DDR400
Which reminds me... can you use that type of RAM in the new powermacs... as in can you set the CAS latency's and memory timings of a DDR 400.
Ignore most of this post a pure dreaming... wishing etc... but please don't flame me today (split with girl friend)....well either buy her a birthday present or put the difference and get a Powermac Dual 1.25.... i chose the Powermac!!!!! (true story).....
ok im sad.... end of rant!


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Jun 4, 2002
Ottawa, ON
i_wolf, you're not going to get many responses on this one:(. Half the people here have no idea what a vapochill is, much less what CAS 2 RAM timing is. My guess is that you would have to do some soldering on the motherboard to up the fsb speed since apple doesn't provide soft fsb/cpu multiplier settings in its open firmware and none of its motherboards ever had dip switches that could change fsbs. In about 2-3 months I'm pretty sure that some guy in Japan will figure out that if you solder together some leads on the mobo in certain orders, you'll be able to do it. As of right now, no one outside of an Apple NDA (to my knowledge) knows how to overclock a new G4 tower.


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No one knows how to up the current speed of the FSB from what I've seen. It looks like it maybe controlled by a rom or sofware but here is no resistor setting for the FSB. There are Resistor settings for the CPU though and one guy has successfully overclocked a Dual/867 to Dual/Ghz and is running fine. Just read for the info on that machine it's still on the front page near the bottom. There's a link in it to the info from the first person (I know of) that overclocked the new Dual/Ghz/DDR and all the specs and info relating to it. Here is the link also if you want.

I haven't personally seen the vapochill case but it sounds really cool. There are some pretty cool custom water cases out there that I have seen though.
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