Vector Circle is Jagged in Photoshop

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Apr 6, 2005
hey guys, I am trying to draw some vector circles with some typical layer styles like strokes and glow etc but for some reason the circumference looks jagged. In this screenshot, I have two circles, big one and a smaller one on top of it. Anyone has an idea what the cause of the problem might be? This is in Photoshop CS5 btw.

Thanks a bunch!


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Oct 12, 2005
It maybe a vector circle however it's still being rendered as a bitmap, thus the jaggies. There is actually not much you can do without increasing the size of the actual image to make it look really smooth.

I'd suggest trying what bowser has linked to if not, try creating in in Illustrator then importing to Photoshop as a Smart Object that sometime will clean up.

Otherwise creating the image as twice the size then rendering out via "Save for Web" @ 50% also can smooth out curves I generally create MRECs and eDMs at 3 times the size then render out at the right size it make them look rather good.


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Mar 5, 2009
image size

What is your image size and PPI? Higher DPI and/or image size will smooth the jaggies.

You could also create a vector object/smart object that will remain crisp when exported, although not sure if you can apply effects to those...

Look it up in Adobe Help.

View your page at 100% for an exact representation of what's going on –Apple>Alt>0 is the shortcut.
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